Wisconsin State Do Not Call List

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Today, November 30, 2009, is the last day on which Wisconsin residents can opt to have their phone numbers put on the Wisconsin State Do Not Call List. Wisconsin residents are given this opportunity every two years, although this year the rules are a bit different.

Though Wisconsin natives will still have the opportunity to block calls from companies and solicitors, the Wisconsin State Do Not Call Compliance laws do not apply to politicians, political parties, or non-profit organizations. Phone calls from these organizations will not be blocked and are not subject to state and federal Do Not Call Compliance rules.

If you place phone calls for a non-profit agency or political party, it may still be important to scrub your call lists for other states, which may or may not have rules similar to that of Wisconsin. We here at Do Not Call Compliance, however, will be happy to assist you in all your Do Not Call list scrubbing needs, and can help you decide which Do Not Call databases from particular states you need to scrub, or if you qualify as a political party or non-profit agency. For example, phone calls from the governor of your state may be exempt from the Do Not Call Compliance rules, but phone calls from a printing company that prints signs supporting the governor may not be exempt.

If you need telemarketing or lead lists scrubbed for Do Not Call Compliance, give us a call today at 800-930-7252. We would be happy to scrub all your lists and make sure you are fully compliant with all federal and state Do Not Call rules and regulations this holiday season.


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