The FTC has a telemarketing sales rule which requires do not call telemarketer compliance
The Federal Trade Commission protects consumers not telemarketing companies
Do Not Call Safe Harbor

If a seller or telemarketer can establish that as part of its routine business practice, it meets the following requirements, it will not be subject to civil penalties or sanctions for erroneously calling a consumer who has asked not to be called, or for calling a number on the National Registry:

  • the seller or telemarketer has established and implemented written procedures to honor consumers’ requests that they not be called.

  • the seller or telemarketer has trained its personnel, and any entity assisting in its compliance, in these procedures.

  • the seller, telemarketer, or someone else acting on behalf of the seller or charitable organization has maintained and recorded an entity-specific Do Not Call list.

  • the seller or telemarketer uses, and maintains records documenting, a process to prevent calls to any telephone number on an entity-specific Do Not Call list or the National Do Not Call Registry. This, provided that the latter process involves using a version of the National Registry from the FTC no more than 31 days before the date any call is made.

  • the seller, telemarketer, or someone else acting on behalf of the seller or charitable organization monitors and enforces compliance with the entity’s written Do Not Call procedures.

  • the call is a result of error.


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Information for telemarketers regarding the Do Not Call Provisions of the Federal Trade Commission’s Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) including The National Do Not Call Registry background, coverage under the TSR, accessing the National Do Not Call Registry, paying for access, and Do Not Call Compliance.


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Telemarketing do not call list compliance with Do Not Call Compliance. Register your company and comply with state and federal do not call regulations. Telephone number scrubbing.

  Telemarketing Do Not Call Compliance - Avoid large fines by staying compliant.   NDNCR and SDNCR - National Do Not Call Registry and State Do Not Call Registry - Know the difference.
The Do Not Call Compliance Silver Plan offers an Automated federal and state do not call compliance solution. Scrub your list yourself using our automated list scrubbing system.
Telemarketing companies are required to enroll in the Federal Do Not Call Registry.
Do Not Call has the robust software technology and computer power to properly remove (scrub) the Do Not Call numbers from your telemarketing lists.
The National Do Not Call Registry is a list of phone numbers from consumers who have indicated their preference to limit the telemarketing calls they receive.
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