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Boston Calls for Overhaul of Do Not Call Rules

March 27th, 2010

Though all telemarketers are governed by federal rules pertaining to the National Do Not Call Registry, all states maintain individual rules for calls placed within their state. With the recent election of a new governor, Boston is now calling for the state of Massachusetts to overhaul its long-standing do not call rules.

Though many states include do not call provisions for political parties who make solicitous calls, Massachusetts currently includes no laws pertaining to politicians and political campaigners. For the state of Massachusetts, that means that all “political speech” phone calls are free from do not call rules, meaning that with every election comes an onslaught of phone calls from political campaigners, leaving residents with no recourse.

The election that took place this month to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat was preceded by a bitter and forceful battle between Republican candidate Scott Brown and Democratic candidate Martha Coakley. Massachusetts residents received numerous calls each day from the offices of each candidate, asking for support, taking polls, and discussing various campaigning platforms. Now the residents of Massachusetts have had enough, and are asking for the state to step in and place restrictions on “political speech” phone calls, either by limiting how often calls to each resident are allowed or by allowing residents to place their numbers on a do not call list specific to political calls.

Whether the state of Massachusetts will decide to take action and revamp their do not call rules for politicians and political speech remains to be seen. Check back in with Do Not Call Compliance for updates on all do not call compliance news and information.

Do Not Fax Laws and Compliance

March 7th, 2010

Does your company send information, brochures, coupons, or other items to residents via fax? Though you may think of this as direct mail, companies or individuals who send solicitous materials to residents via fax are actually subject to all federal and state do not call rules and do not call regulations, as outlined by the FTC.

If you or someone from your company sends solicitous materials via fax to residents, all of your “call” lists must be fully do not call compliant. This means that just like a telemarketer, you must compare all the fax numbers on your “call” lists against the National Do Not Call Registry. Failure to do so could result in harsh monetary penalties at both the federal and state levels. Additionally, companies or individuals who scrub their fax lists against the National Do Not Call Registry and knowingly send solicitous faxes to do not call numbers are subject to these penalties as well.

If you send solicitous information to residents via fax, you need to make sure all your “call” lists are fully do not call compliant. Visit to learn more about do not call compliance management and do not call list scrubbing. We can help you scrub your lists against the National Do Not Call Registry to make sure that all your faxes and/or calls are fully do not call compliant. Do Not Call offers full service do not call list scrubbing and compliance management tools for all large volume call centers, including insurance and technology companies.