The FTC has a telemarketing sales rule which requires do not call telemarketer compliance
The Federal Trade Commission protects consumers not telemarketing companies

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The Federal Trade Commission

The Telemarketing Sales Rule
Telemarketers who sell goods or services through interstate telephone methods are required to follow the FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule.

FCC Regulations
Telemarketers who sell goods or services through intrastate telephone methods are required to follow their state do not call compliance regulations.

Understanding complicated terminology is the first step in Do Not Call Compliance.

The National DNC Registry

The National Do Not Call Registry applies to any plan, program, or campaign to sell goods or services through interstate phone calls. This includes telemarketers who solicit consumers, often on behalf of third party sellers. It also includes sellers who provide, offer to provide, or arrange to provide goods or services to consumers in exchange for payment.

Exclusions Include:
  • Charitable organizations
  • Telephone surveyors who refrain from "selling" goods or services
  • Political organizations
  • Companies that have an established customer relationship with call recipient

Find the answers to many telemarketer questions about Do Not Call Compliance.

Internal Revenue Service

Tax Exempt Status
Organizations that are classified as not for profit and possess tax exempt status with the IRS are not necessarily exempt from the rules of National Do Not Call Registry.
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Do Not Call was founded in 2003 with the mission to provide telemarketers with the highest level of Do Not Call compliance protection through a fast and easy-to-use system at an affordable price.

This page contains a general overview of our selection of do not call compliance services as they relate to the do not call rules. We hope that you find this information useful and that you contact us with any questions you may have. Our Call Compliance Officers are ready to answer your questions about the national do not call list and to assist you in creating a customized package to serve both your call compliance needs and your budget.

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Our Selection of State & National Do Not Call Compliance Services Includes:

Understanding Do Not Call Compliance
Our Compliance Officers are here to help you understand the various do not call compliance rules and regulations and to be your compliance partner while you telemarket your products and services.
State & National Do Not Call Registry Management
We’ll help you register your organization with state and national do not call registries, obtain your Subscription Account Number (SAN) from the national do not call registry, and gain access to the area code lists that you will be telemarketing in as required by the FTC.
Do Not Call Scrubbing & List Management
Our Internet based list scrub wizard guides you through a simple step-by-step process to upload and scrub your list quickly and easily.
Company-Specific Do Not Call Scrubbing & List Management
We’ll help you maintain your FTC required company-specific do not call list and scrub against it when you submit your call lists.
Detailed Do Not Call Compliance Reporting & Record Keeping
We’ll create and maintain the reports you’ll need to claim “safe harbor” and avoid costly fines in the case that you inadvertently call any consumers on the national do not call registry or the various state registries.
Company Do Not Call Policy Creation Management
We’ll help you produce and maintain your FTC required Do Not Call Policy and deliver the policy via USPS Certified Mail when requested by a consumer.
Comprehensive Do Not Call Compliance Library
Our Do Not Call Compliance Library places the many federal and state calling rules and regulations in one easy-to-use interface for quick and easy access by you and your agents.
Do Not Call Compliance Training Center
We’ll help you train your personnel as required by the FTC, in the procedures established pursuant to the Telemarketing Sales Rule.
Multi-State Do Not Call Scrubbing & List Management
We are proud to offer access to most and assistance with all do not call state lists, and our easy-to-use state list management interface makes managing and scrubbing your telemarketing call lists easy.
TCPA Wireless Ported Number Scrubbing & List Management
Gain access to and scrub your call list against the TCPA Wireless Ported Number List, a requirement when using a predictive or auto dialer to make your telemarketing calls.
Established Business Relationship List Scrubbing & Management
Our EBR list management interface helps you manage the relationships you have with your clients and prospects so you can still telemarket to them even if their phone number is on the federal and/or a state do not call registry.
MasterView Account Management
Created for organizations with multiple agents and contractors, MasterView Account Management provides you with the ability to create, manage and track the activities of your agents.
Agent & Administrative Level User Access
Our Agent (employee) Dashboard allows access to all call compliance services while our Administrator (management) Dashboard allows additional reporting and administrative services.


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Telemarketing do not call list compliance
with Do Not Call Compliance. Register your company and comply with state and federal do not call regulations. Residential and Wireless (cell) telephone number scrubbing.

  Telemarketing Do Not Call Compliance - Avoid large fines by staying compliant.   NDNCR and SDNCR - National Do Not Call Registry and State Do Not Call Registry - Know the difference.
The Do Not Call Compliance Silver Plan offers an Automated federal and state do not call compliance solution. Scrub your list yourself using our automated list scrubbing system.
Telemarketing companies are required to enroll in the Federal Do Not Call Registry.
Do Not Call has the robust software technology and computer power to properly remove (scrub) the Do Not Call numbers from your telemarketing lists.
The National Do Not Call Registry is a list of phone numbers from consumers who have indicated their preference to limit the telemarketing calls they receive.
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